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Temple Energy & Environment Committee

                        Headlines and Clips

                         Temple's 100% Renewable Energy Task Force

             is evaluating a new potential site for a 25 KW solar array that could

                     provide the electricity needed for all town municipal buildings.


                                          (See the Renewables Task Force page for more info)



                                         Newly Appointed Chairman of FERC

                            (The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) 

                                      "May Drive 100% Clean Energy Plan"  

                                        January, 2021                



                                                 The US Rejoins the Paris Accord

                          "The Single Most Significant Step by 197 World Leaders 

                                       to Tamp Down Escalating Climate Change"



                   See the "News & Links" page for details and links for the headlines & clips below



     "The Planet is Relentlessly Heating

     with 19 of the last 20 years the warmest on record."


  NOAA Reports 

   "2020 Tied 2016 for the Hottest Years On Record, 

  Even Without the Warming of an El Nino"


      "The Highest Temperature Ever Recorded on the Planet, "

130 degrees Fahrenheit, 

was recorded at Death Valley, CA  on August 16, 2020


"The Highest Temperature Ever Recorded

Above the Arctic Circle,

100.4 degrees Fahrenheit,

occurred in Siberia on June 20, 2020"



California's Record Heat 

"exacerbated the region's most severe drought 

in the last 1,200 years",

      fueling the unprecedented wildfire season in the US West.


In Greenland

"The ice sheet melted

  at the fastest rate ever recorded."


In Alaska

"The sea ice completely melted away"

"There was NO sea ice

within 150 miles from the shoreline.



"Alaskan Glaciers Melting 100 Times Faster

Than Previously Thought."

"From the Polar Caps

 to the glaciers of Europe, Asia and South America,

 global warming is melting the planet’s ice faster than ever, 

and speeding the inundation of the world’s coastlines".


​Support for Renewable Energy Grows

As Battery Storage Gets a Boost

The utility Southern California Edison to build seven lithium-ion battery

 storage projects that add up to enough to power a small city.


C:\Users\Owner\Documents\100% Renewable Energy slides.pptm


Students March for Climate Protection 

Inspired by Greta Thunberg, student activist -

students around the world are taking a stand for climate action.

(Video of worldwide marches at "News and Links")

Climate Changes Already Impacting our Environment

 "Our atmosphere is getting hotter, more turbulent, and more unpredictable."


"The Arctic has Entered an Unprecedented State that Threatens

the Entire Planet"

 Report from a 50 year long study- 4/9/19

"The Oceans' Absorption Rate of CO2 is at a Precipice 

. . . a rate "faster than the worst case in the geologic record,"

   causing ocean acidification, leading to extinctions

July 2019 MIT Study  



The Hyperactive 2020 Hurricane Season 

was driven by warmer sea temperatures.

And surface sea temperatures have been steadily rising

 since the late 19th century." 



 Civilization's SAFE LIMIT for CO2 in the atmosphere is 

350 parts per million.

 But CO2 breached that limit. And in 2019, was recorded at

 415 ppm -- "a level not found in 3 million years"